Braver New World

The time has come to blog. So for the one cat that is licking its arse in the corner of a second hand book shop in Aberystwyth (my core readership) this is for you.

Current developments in the velodrome skull of Jet McDonald include the publication of a story called “Wake With The Light” in anthology “Where are we Going” from Eibonvale Press . It’s set in Portsmouth near a concrete edifice that has long fascinated me called “The Hard Interchange”.

Whoever came up with the name “The Hard Interchange” should be knighted by a lexicographer and given a bag of toffee.The phrase sums up for me the whole of human existence and that cat licking its arse in Aberystwyth.

While you ponder these things you can be rest assured the Jet McDonald Corporation (yes the same one making hamburgers and aeroplanes) is working hard on behalf of the rest of your brain. Forthcoming projects include another article for Boneshaker Magazine, an experimental play/ musical / site event in Stroud, and ongoing performances at the monthly Folk Tales night which is touring this year to the “No Direction Home” and “End of the Road” folk festivals.

A short novel called “The Centrally Locked Mothers of America” is being nibbled at by bottom feeding catfish in a basement in Bristol.

Also cast an eye ( long reach back, flip rod over your head and let float in the Frome) for “The Woodlice” . The Woodlice are my “clattery folk pop” band and if you follow the link you can see some brilliant videos made by Finnish violinist and filmaker Virpi Kettu.

That’s it for the it. See you soon on the kerb / page / pixel / Hard Interchange / or in the corner of that bookshop in Aberystwyth.


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