Mind is the Ride

Life, the universe and everything, explained through bike parts and a bike ride from Bristol to India. Shortlisted for the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards.


‘A book of effortless, effervescent metaphysics, a gleeful freewheeling ride through the mind of humanity. It is a breathtaking, brilliant, astounding book, as genial as it is exquisite, and as ludic as it is erudite. Bravo!’ 

Jay Griffiths, author of Wild: An Elemental Journey

‘Elegant, wild, poised and explosive. A serious and exhilarating interrogation of the nature of being. McDonald shows us what happens when we pay attention to the world, and what happens when we don’t. His book should tip you into a long overdue crisis.’

Charles Foster, author of Being a Beast

‘Full of wandering and wondering, a thoroughly quirky quest for enlightenment on two wheels.’

Jack Thurston, author of the ‘Lost Lanes’ series

‘A truly unique reading experience’

Bike Radar, Best Cycling Books 2020


Jet Bridge Estuary