Automatic Safe Dog out Now

Jet’s brilliant satire on consumer culture is out now in paper and hardback. 
 Love-struck minion at Pet Furnishings, Telby Velour, re-brands himself as “a bull in the creative china shop” in order to scale the giddy corporate ranks and impress the beautiful Ravenski Goldbird. Along the way, we gain terrible and terribly funny insights into a world that is a warped reflection of our own: where living animals are made into furniture in the name of fashion and human vanity.
Automatic Safe Dog is available from Eibonvale Press, Bloom and Curll and Arnolfini bookshop in Bristol and web outlets including Amazon
Jet McDonald - Automatic Safe Dog

Automatic Safe Dog

Jet McDonald

Jet McDonald has created a heady brew of volatile cocktail ingredients. Madcap surreal humour blends with vicious parody of the world of work, the vanity of “Creative” types, the torments of unrequited love, animal cruelty and the excesses of consumer society. Not so much a breath of fresh air as a snort of something industrial, read this book and become initiated into a rebellion of the mind that will leave you inspired and laughing with exhilaration
“…Automatic Safe Dog is a crazy story, but it’s madness with a barbed point. It reminds me a little of the film Brazil, although really it’s too unique to compare successfully to other works. Telby Velour is a great character, funny and incompetent and a real chancer, and he captured my imagination from the story’s shocking start to its stunning ending. This is a good read, which I like best for the way it takes aim at corporate leadership, marketing madness, and the easy acceptance of the dictates of people who wear suits, no matter how insane they may be.”
Ros Jackson “Warpcore SF”
“…Jet McDonald has a vivid imagination and he writes witty satire about modern way of life, corporate life and unrequited love. He’s taken a risk with this book, because writing satire is difficult, but he’s managed to write a funny and inventive book, which will appeal to readers who enjoy black and twisted humour. This book reminds me a bit of J. G. Ballard, David Sedaris, Chuck Palahniuk and William Burroughs, but it’s distinctively different from their works.”
Sami Airola  “Rising Shadow”

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