Show in a Chip Shop

On Saturday the 26th May I will be performing in an old chip shop in Stroud in a collaboration with Ed Patrick/ Kid Carpet. The show is part of “Stroud Site festival” and we are fantastically lucky to be performing our show, itself based on dual identities, in an old chip shop.  We were going to be in a disused railway shed but frankly “The Golden Fish Bar” right in the centre of Strouds shopping area was an opportunity too good to miss. Ed and I have written the show together and it’s packed full of charity shop songs and ideas. We will be performing three shows on the day and each show will be different based on what we’ve found in three Stroud charity shops. Ambitious? Possibly. Crazy. Perhaps. Entertaining. You got ya.

From 11am onwards Saturday 26th May at The Golden Fish Bar  1 London Road, Town Centre, Stroud, GL5 2AA. Look outside the fish bar for show times on the day. (NB the programme says we are in the goods shed but we have changed location to The Golden Fish Bar)

Second Hand Identity
An experimental performance
Saturday 26th May 11am-5pm
Brunel Goods Shed, Stroud GL5 3AP
Ed Patrick (Kid Carpet) and Jet McDonald
collaborate on a new performance
experiment. Second Hand Identity changes
with every show. Charity shops and car
boot sales are gleaned to provide all the
characters and props which are sold,
auctioned or somehow got rid of by the
end of the piece. One performance may
be about Princess Diana and located on a
chessboard, the next could be about
He-Man and set in Skegness. Somehow
the story and songs remain the same.

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