It’s a question that’s preoccupied philosophers, writers and theologians for thousands of years. How do you live your life? But the real question has always been – how do you live your life right now? In the pressing concerns of our cultural and historical background.

Across these lives and across these cultural and historical variations there has always been a consistent – the seasons. Kings and Queens, battles and plagues, notions and notaries, have come and gone but the seasons have been there for us, for tens of thousands of years, lilting our lives with the consistent sway of their periodic cycle. But we now live in times of such confusing seasonal disruption, those early Springs and vanishing Summers, tied in with climate change, that our childhood memories of holidays and seasons start to feel awry. We need to find new ways to wrestle and interpret this confusing landscape. Not just of the seasons but of memory and the imagination.

Diseasonality is a new website project that begins to experiment with these shifting sands by marrying the original written sonnets that Vivaldi created for his concerto, The Four Seasons, with the folk nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill.

You can find it here : https://diseasonality.wordpress.com/

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